Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool 1.0

Convert your ISO files to portable versions on a pin drive or a DVD quickly

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Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool 1.0
Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool 2014

You have two detestable things when it comes to creating boot disks or installing servers from a DVD to do a PXE install. First, you have burning the ISO image to the DVD for server operating systems because this almost always frustrates users with the inevitable problems from the DVD. Who needs all the trouble of doing this when you have the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool? For a small test bed that only has three physical servers, the setup is just not worth the investment of time.

Installing Windows Servers to Physical Hardware

When you're styling Windows servers to physical hardware, this software quickly makes a bootable server 2012 USB disk. You can also use the utility for helping you to make a bootable DVD. This system works well, and it has almost never failed except when you use it with high-capacity flash drives like a 64 GB one. In fact, if you had to compare this to some of the other choices on the market, this is one of the best ways that you can install Server 2012, and it also helps in the small production environment because you can handle it quickly without much hassle.

A Free Utility

You can download this software for free from Microsoft. The requirements to run it include having Windows XP or higher, and having the minimum of a Pentium 233 MHz processor. You will also want 500 MB of free space with a USB flash drive and 4 GB. When you use this, you will want an ISO image from the Windows operating system. However, Microsoft has stated that you will have to create the image from Windows 7, which was purchased from the Microsoft Store.

Make Bootable USB

With the tool, you have a GUI, and the wizard will guide you in the process to help you with the creation of your boot disk. You have four distinctive steps when you create this bootable USB. First, you will have to select the path of where the ISO file gets stored. Second, you will have to whether you want a USB or to make it a bootable DVD. Next, you add the flash drive. Finally, you will create your ISO image using the button click.

This system works surprisingly well. In fact, in under one hour, you have two new installs on the servers. Now keep in mind, you might still have problems with larger flash drives, but that will be a minor problem for most people. We still have a fairly convenient tool, and it doesn't cost you a dime. Overall, we'd rate this software pretty high considering the wide applicability and the ease of use.


  • Helps you install physical servers much easier.
  • Much better than some of the choices that you have on the m


  • The software won't work with some of the bigger flash drives.

Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool streamlines the process of downloading the Windows 7 operating system image from Microsoft and then installing it.

Digital copies of software are convenient and often include a discount. Thus, many users opt for this format over a physical release. This holds true even when purchasing the likes of an operating system, such as Windows 7. When purchasing the digital version of Windows 7, Microsoft provides the user with an image. The user must transfer that image to a DVD, USB flash drive or other suitable media in order for it to be usable. While Microsoft does provide a mechanism for doing that, the process is not user-friendly. Rather, it gears toward customization.

The Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool provides an alternative that aims to help beginners. First, the user downloads and installs this tool. Once they have purchased the Windows 7 digital version, this tool downloads the image. It then prepares it and transfers it to either a DVD or USB flash drive. The user only needs to execute the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool. Afterward, he or she has to provide it with a writable DVD or USB flash stick when instructed to do so. When the process complete, the user can then boot from that DVD or USB flash drive and install the Windows 7 operating system.

Note that the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool does not allow the user to adjust the install configuration. Thus, this is not a suitable option for users performing batch installations of the OS. Most would argue that a configuration tool should be useful to many users. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is intended to be a mostly hands-off solution for beginners. It also benefits users who want to avoid the hassle, and it achieves that objective in very impressive fashion.


  • Freeware
  • Easy to use and newbie-friendly
  • Builds a self-executable DVD or USB image


  • Does not support installer customization

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